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Feedback training

Which is a clear and acceptable way of giving and receiving feedback? By training how to constructively confront each other regarding performances and ways of co-operating, your team achieves better results. With their new feedback skills they also positively contribute to a good atmosphere within the team.

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Client review

Diederik Uytenboogaart, UWV

I have been working as a Purchase manager for the UWV for 4 years now. In the last two years my department and the MT have worked together with Schateiland on a regular basis. Schateiland identified the treasures in our team. Together with the team, they used these to create a nicer and more effective way of working. The training was given on their island near Leiden and on the fort island in IJmuiden. What I find inspiring is that Schateiland focuses on everyone's qualities. Also, their way of working is refreshing and dynamic. No sitting in circles all day, but challenging team exercises and assignments at unique locations.