Team development training

Discover the qualities and drives in your team during this international team development training. On one of our unique islands, the team acquires effective teamwork skills. They learn how to improve the co-operation and communication within the team. The skills are applied to a relevant case, like a project the team works on from different continents. Your team sails back stronger and with solid agreements.





Off-site training

  • Work on achieving team goals
  • Make use of all available talents in the team
  • Improve teamwork
  • Have fun on our islands

True Colours

  • What motivates your team?
  • How does your team communicate?
  • How can the team members make use of each otherís drives?
  • Do the motivations test with your team

Effective communication

  • How does the team communicate?
  • How to communicate more effectively?
  • How to give feedback in an easy accessible way?

Client-focused teamwork

  • What are the clientís expectations?
  • What can the team improve to increase customer satisfaction?
  • How can each team member contribute to this?

Result-driven teamwork

  • How can the team achieve their goals?
  • What can the team do to be more result-oriented?
  • How can the team make use of each otherís talents to achieve the goals?